We create original music for film, advertising and games.

We start by listening carefully to you. We strive to make your instincts our instincts. Then we select a team for your project from our network of musicians and trusted composers. We craft multiple music options for your consideration. We work with you until it’s perfect.

No medium more directly touches our emotions than music. Music and picture working perfectly together can be a transcendent experience. When sound perfectly supports vision amazing things happen: Edits spring to life, messages become clear, jokes land, minds open, goosebumps rise and tears flow.

We create music for some of America's largest and smallest agencies. We scale the team to fit the project so we work to fit into any budget.

daniel schwartz

Daniel Schwartz
Project Manager

Daniel is a graduate of Portland State School of Business Administration and when he's not being an internet meme he is busy here making sure everything is running smoothly.
gina altamura

Gina Altamura
Head of Artist Relations

Gina continuously sluices multiple channels for the new, strange and beautiful. Her philosophy degree from Lewis and Clark comes in handy whether managing Shy Girls, booking Holocene or perfectly matching artists to spots.
charlie campbell

Charlie Campbell
Producer and Chef de Pupitre

Charlie is a graduate of The Evergreen State College and was singer/songwriter for Goldcard (8.6 Pitchfork) and Pond (4 stars Rolling Stone). He has sold indie music to the world's largest corporations. His work has interrupted some of America's most watched programming including the Olympics and the Academy Awards.