Worn Out Soul
an AikaMusic original

We love making ads that don't sound like ads. When our pals at Mutt Industries called with a request for music for a new campaign for Gerber Knives, we jumped at the opportunity.

They needed an original track that evoked the hardscrabble endeavors of the men and women who wrench their livelihoods and pastimes from an often unforgiving countryside. "Hello Trouble," the spot begins.

Composer Charlie Campbell penned an Appalachian murder ballad to fit the calamitous imagery. After an extensive search for the right voice we eventually settled on Caleb Klauder, who possesses vocal chords from the 1850's. He sang a demo of the song into his phone while sitting on a hay bale in a barn on his girlfriend's family farm. The team decided it was perfect.

Client: GERBER
Agencies: MUTT
Team: Chris Lawson, Adam Long, Charlie Campbell, Caleb Klauder, Nathan Treub