Mutt Industries called on AikaMusic to score this mini-doc for Yeti Coolers. The challenge was to honor the mythos while digging into the reality of being a cowboy in the 21st century.

In a bit over three minutes the score brings to life a thousand miles, a hundred horses, and the most extreme 8 seconds in human experience.

Client: Yeti
Agency: Mutt Industries
Team: Jessy Ribordy, Charlie Campbell, Kyle Morton, Adam Long

Augmenting an existing track

CMD came to AikaMusic with a track that almost worked. Their edit ricocheted through unexpected turns, but their track continued straight and lacked a big finish to bring it home.

AikaMusic sliced, diced and whip-stitched the track to fit every nuance of the edit, then composed the climatic finale deserved by a cowboy, a Fortnite Commando, and an Orc planting a victory flag on a mountaintop.

Client: Mixer
Agency: CMD
Music by Marmoset and AikaMusic
Written by Cory Nelson and Jessy Ribordy
Team: Katy Rall, Greg Dalbey, Chris Slusarenko, Charlie Campbell


Gerber Knives needed an original track that evoked the hardscrabble endeavors of the men and women who wrench their livelihoods from an unforgiving countryside. "Hello Trouble," the spot begins.

We penned a new old Appalachian murder ballad to fit the calamitous imagery. After an extensive search for vintage vocal chords, we struck gold with Caleb Klauder. He sang a demo while sitting on a hay bale on the family farm. The team decided it was perfect.

Client: Gerber
Agencies: Mutt Industries
Team: Chris Lawson, Adam Long, Charlie Campbell, Caleb Klauder, Nathan Treub